The Recipes In This Cookbook Are Dangerously Delicious! Proceed With Caution!

The Stoopid Simple Cookbook

Healthy Eating Made Easy

Stoopid Simple

No cooking experience needed! All recipes are ready to eat in 10 minutes or less!
Metabolism Boosting

Recipes that are proven to burn more calories & curb cravings! It's 💫magic💫!
Physique Friendly

The perfect foods to add to your diet to lose weight easier and faster!

Break Free From The Diet Cycle!

What comes to mind when you think about eating healthy and losing weight?

😭 Dramatically reducing your calorie intake

😭 Cutting out your favorite foods

😭 Spending hours every week cooking at home

The worst part is even after doing all of that - you're not losing weight!

You're hungry every day and your cravings are through the roof! You don't even want to do the damn diet anymore.  Which destroys your self-confidence and has you stuck at the same weight...

Stop Overcomplicating Your Diet!

Break through the struggles and start seeing results with the free Stoopid Simple Cookbook! 
You'll get access to:

🙌 27+ Recipes That Are Ready In 10 Min Or Less!

🙌 Foods That Burn Calories & Reduce Cravings!

🙌 Snack and Label Reading Guide!


There has never been a more stress-free way to eat healthily and lose weight!

My Coaching Philosophy...

Hey, I'm Coach Jumha and I've been coaching people for over 10 years. In that time I've helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds.

Here's my secret to creating consistent results:

🧡Your diet should be less about removing "bad" foods and more about adding "good" foods.

🧡You should lose weight by eating as much as possible and doing as little cardio as possible.

🧡Your diet should be built around YOU! You shouldn't have to force your life around a diet.

If you vibe with my philosophy then you'll love this cookbook!

Real People, Real Results