The Ultimate Core Training Guide

This guide was created to help you stop wasting hours in the gym and start doing core exercises that actually work!

Once you sign up you'll get instant access to over 30 of the best ab exercises (that you've probably never heard of) and a complete understanding of what it takes to go from squishy stomach to toned tummy!

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Time To Stop Being Stuck

This guide will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to transform your midsection

How To Never Get A Toned Tummy:

Most people have been bamboozled into working 5x harder to get a lean stomach:

โŒ Repeating the same ineffective ab workouts
โŒ Training abs multiple times a week
โŒ Spending hours doing cardio
โŒ Follow a generic diet or meal plan

Not only does this not work for the average person, but it's also a waste of time!

There's A Better Way!

In this free guide, you'll be able to get twice as much done in half the time! This is done with Stoopid Simple Six Pack System, you'll get:

๐Ÿ™Œ 30+ Of The Best Evidence-Based Ab Exercises
๐Ÿ™Œ Access to the exclusive StoopidFitFam Community
๐Ÿ™Œ A plug-and-play training system that works with your current routine!

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My Coaching Philosophy 

Hey, I'm Coach Jumha and I've been coaching people for over 10 years. In that time I've helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds.

Here's my secret to creating consistent results:

๐Ÿงก Train smarter not harder, you don't need more hours you need a smarter strategy

๐ŸงกYou should lose weight by eating as much as possible and doing as little cardio as possible.

๐ŸงกYour training should be built around YOU! There's no template for an individual

If you vibe with my philosophy then you'll love this core training guide!

Real People, Real Results