The Nutrition Manual

Mastering Your Diet Made Simple

No More Confusion!

Follow the step-by-step process I take with every client to help them know their perfect calories, macros, and nutrition for their goals!
Rima E.

"Working with coach Jumha at StoopidFit was everything I never knew I needed. Not only have I transformed physically but I’ve had mindset shifts in multiple areas of my life.

I’ve become a live role model to my children and have more confidence than ever in my abilities as a woman, mother and lifter.

The knowledge and experience I’ve gained from working with StoopidFit are invaluable. My only regret is not starting sooner! Investing in a fitness coach was easily one of the best decisions I've made in the last 5 years if not my entire life!

Waleed D.

"Before meeting Jumha I lacked any confidence in myself physically, it wasn't necessarily something that was eating away at me but it was definitely something that I wanted to change about myself.

Coach Jumha met me where I was - a skinny kid that knew nothing about working out and nutrition - and helped me develop a body that I am proud of. Years later I can still say I do much of what Coach Jumha has taught me and I will always go to him for anything I need and I am forever grateful to have him on my team."

Zenith L.

"With the aide of Jumha I have lost close to 50 pounds and have never felt or looked better in my life.
I am amazed at the enormous change not only physically but mentally.

I found strength I never knew I had and have become the best version of me I can be. I can be the role model I want to be for my daughter!"

What You'll Find Inside:

  • WHAT TO EAT: Eliminate Confusion and Understand The EXACT Foods You Should Be Eating To See results
  • WHEN TO EAT: No More guessing When To Time Your Meals Or How Many To Have
  • CALORIES & MACROS: Done For You Calculator and Template To Design YOUR Individualized Needs!
  • SUPPLEMENTS: Finally Understand Which Supplements Are Worth It And Which Are Just Wasting Cash